Meet Up 1
11:15 - 12:15
Cancel the Apocalypse
Community Building: Machine Learning applied to Human Rights

Short thesis

The goal of this session is to build up a machine learning/human rights community for an ongoing exchange about impact, issues, best practices, and ways of collaboration.


While companies use machine learning for almost all products and services, the non-profit sector is still about to uncover the potential of new technologies. We want to engage people from both fields in conversation to communicate the specific needs and concerns on the non profit side while understanding the possibilities and limitations of machine learning methods. This common language is necessary to not only go beyond project specific collaboration, but also to fully benefit from these powerful technologies.

In an open conversation we exchange experiences about applying machine learning in the human rights sector. We want to learn from positive examples, as well as failures and include the risks that automated decision making poses to human rights.
Building up a community of machine learning practitioners enables us to get to know similar projects,  benefit from the knowledge and experiences of others and to collaborate on different levels.

Furthermore, discussions about broader topics, such as best practices, ways of communicating possibilities but also limitations of machine learning and ideas on how to engage more data scientists and machine learning experts in the human rights sector, become possible.