Meet Up 1
16:00 - 17:00
Citizen Science Networks Meetup

Short thesis

Citizen science is rapidly increasing in popularity in the academia as well as civil society. Networks between scientific institutions, NGOs, media and policy makers have played an important role in the development and professionalization of citizen science. We invite you to discuss the future opportunities of citizen science in a digital society and explore the possibilities of networks in this process.


In this meet-up, we would like to discuss the role of citizen science - citizen participation in the scientific process - in a digital society: Where do citizen science and digitalisation overlap? How and can both areas profit from each other? Which challenges have to be faced in the future, when it comes to digitalisation in citizen science? Especially, we want to focus on the importance of networks in the digital as well as analogue sphere: How can we link the two spheres? We also invite all participants to talk about open questions and general thoughts about citizen science.