Stage 1
15:00 - 16:00
Live Translation
Cambridge Analytica and data exploitation - a critical intervention

Short thesis

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is about many (scandalous) things at the same time: This high-profile panel will explain what this is really about, why it matters and debate what needs to be done. Ravi Naik is currently suing Cambridge Analytica. Paul-Olivier Dehaye helped journalists uncover the use of personal data in elections, leading up to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Together with her team at Privacy International, Frederike Kaltheuner has investigated the systemic problem of data exploitation in the context of elections, such as in Kenya.


The Cambridge Analytica scandal is about campaign financing, possible law breaking and Brexit. It’s also about money in politics. It’s about the continuing irresponsibility of platforms like Facebook. It’s about the systemic problem of data exploitation and surveillance capitalism. It’s about targeted advertising, persuasion and manipulation.

It’s also about a shady company that has possibly broken data protection laws (together with political campaigns, and other data analytics firms). It’s about neo-colonialims and global inequalities. It’s also about foreign interference in elections and government propaganda (not just by Russia). It’s  about GDPR and compliance - competition law and consumer protection. 

In other words: this is complicated.