Stage 1
17:30 - 18:00
Live Translation
Cancel the Apocalypse
Building Fearless Futures

Short thesis

Envisioning utopia is naturally uncomfortable; it feels indulgent, a bit delusional, and ultimately impractical and unrealistic. It’s not. Fearlessly working toward radical success is required for meaningful progress.


The problem with reality is it’s so easy to see.

Look around. There it is. Go outside. There’s some more.

You can’t leave reality’s presence. It’s always there to remind you and it all seems so tangible and permanent. So real.

Of course, reality is not permanent at all and there’s many things we desperately need to change.

When we think about the future, this reality can get in the way. Our incomplete and incorrect ideas of reality, and reality’s persistence, end up tainting our imagination of what is probable in the world. The resulting visions of the future are tainted as well, and usually not very different than our current sense of reality.

It takes extra effort and imagination to set those tainted visions aside and dream up a reality we’d prefer, not to mention explore the innumerable futures that are possible.

But why do this?

Well, most people don’t.

Steve Lambert wants you to join him. With his Center for Artistic Activism, Lambert has worked alongside artists and activists in 15 countries on 4 continents helping them to effect power. Lambert will relay lessons learned in collaborating with larger advocacy organizations working on human rights for sex workers, drug users, and other marginalized populations to move toward better futures. And how to have fun doing it.