Stage J
14:45 - 17:00
Brains are the new wave

Short thesis

Your brainwaves will shape tomorrow’s world. Let’s explore how.
Brain-Computer Interaction allows us to harness the raw power of our brain activity to create and interact with the environment around us, beyond the limitations of our bodies and current interaction paradigms. With this knowledge in mind, what would you want to do?
Let’s embark on a journey together to materialize the power of our mind and tap into its potential to create powerful and immersive experiences.


Within this workshop we will question the perception of our own faculties, by reflecting on brainwaves as a powerful, future mean of interaction and explore the design space around it in a participatory fashion. We will think, sketch and create immersive, sensory and artistic experiences generated by brainwaves and states of mind.

Workshop structure

  • General presentation of the brain and its inner workings, as well as which parts are relevant for us and how they can be interpreted.

  • Familiarisation with brainwave readers (EEG headsets): how they work, the data they gather and some examples of how we can use this data in a meaningful way.

  • Separation into small groups and artistic exploration around the materialisation of brainwaves by using different triggers and interactions to map the effects on the participants’ brain. We will provide the code base for visualisation, which can be tweaked and adjusted by the participants (through simple parameter changes for participants with no coding experience as well as on a more deeper level for participants with more knowledge).

  • Creation of a visual artwork in 2D that participants can either print out on site and take home with them, or take as a file in to print somewhere else.

Max. 16 Participants

We will provide the EEG headsets as well as the Javascript and p5.js base code.
Participants will need to bring their own computers and download the free application Cortex UI on their machine (available here: , to enable data retrieval from the headsets.