Meet Up 2
17:30 - 18:30
Blockchain and media industries - A Canadian perspective

Short thesis

How blockchain technologies could impact film, TV, digital media and gaming sectors? Let’s take the time to illustrate through a series of projects in development, what does this “Internet of value” mean in terms of IP, DRM, collaboration, distribution, monetization, royalties and investments recoupment. A presentation, with a Canadian point of view: case studies from Canada, the Canadian media and blockchain ecosystem and some tips and advice on how collaborate and coproduce with Canadian creators.


The development of blockchain technologies represents both a challenge and an opportunity for new practices, regardless of the economic sector, and whether the final products of transactions be material or not. In the cultural and media industries, it is clear that the democratization of access to the production and distribution of content, the dematerialization and multiplication of formats and channels of diffusion of products make the blockchain of particular interest.

The trust of the sender and the receiver in such a system relies on the distributed consensus among P2P network peers. Through this decentralized system, in which the trust between parties is not or is no longer required since it is the system itself that is trustworthy, notions of equity, precision, reliability, transparency and efficiency can benefit from a whole new potential. Elements such as these are fundamental for creators, unions, associations, financiers and distributors in the cultural content industry. These same elements would appeal to members of the public, who, in many cases and in the same spirit as crowdfunding, develop a concern for making enlightened choices with respect to supporting or consuming certain products.

A diversity of projects and ideas are now being developed and experimented around the wolrd. This session is an opportunity to discover and talk about case studies related to film, TV, digital media and gaming sectors. An emphasis will be put on the Canadian industry and ecosystem and on initiatives being held to connect media and blockchain sectors and support a potential adoption. And it will be an excellent occasion to better know how to collaborate with Canada and what kind of support can be available.

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