Stage J
20:00 - 21:00
Blockchain and Culture

Short thesis

How cultural projects, cultural organizations and funding are organized via decentralized technologies:
While most people appreciate the outcomes of cultural production, both the modes of production and its organizational structures are largely ignored. The present bureaucratic system of labels, distribution services and cultural organizations make it difficult for producers to efficiently connect with their audience and build a livelihood. This panel explores in what ways decentralized technologies might help lowering the barriers to funding, communication and sales.


This one hour-discussion features practitioners from the cultural sphere who will share their insights around decentralized technologies and their potential of lowering the barriers to funding, communication and sales of cultural products & services. In what ways can the blockchain enable more creative autonomy? How can decentralized platforms help creative practitioners to receive rewards for their work without profit-skimming corporate structures in place? How might we build structures that allow for the promotion of works, receiving instant compensation and attributing the works in such a way that producers are able to track where their content spreads online?

During our conversation, we will showcase concrete projects that focus both on the creation and exchange of works & values and promote P2P transaction. Panelists will share their vision of how we might develop entities for future forms of business models, collaboration, and technological support to the production of arts, culture, and economic inclusion.

35 participants

supported by T-Labs