Makerspace indoor
16:15 - 17:15
Tech for Good

Short thesis

Natural disasters can be devastating. In 2010 90,000 people were killed during an earthquake in Hati, in 2015 6,000 in Nepal and in 2016 16,000 in Ecuador. Each time it took emergency services teams more then 24 hours to reach the trapped and injured. Medical teams were challenged by access to effected areas due to road blocks, broken infrastructure and vast geographic distance. At Cadus e.V, we want to change this. In April we will be testing the first ever civilian airdrop. We want to parachute our personnel and specially designed medical boxes into hard to reach areas, shortening the time it takes medical teams to reach the injured and trapped after disaster strikes.


For the airdrop to be effective, we need to make a webbing which will connect the medical boxes and the parachutes. In this workshop, we want you to help us build this. Our team will give you a basic understanding of how our portable medical boxes are designed, how to use them, and how to use them. So we want to show you how to attach and repack parachutes that we use with our boxes. The workshop wants to learn more about this new and exciting approach to emergency medical response works.