Stage J
12:30 - 13:30
Cancel the Apocalypse
Absurdist Incubator: Exploring the ethics of fulfilling dreams

Short thesis

What happens when technology becomes our memory and we can modify our experience to the point we believe it is real? To create convincing representations of reality is getting cheaper by the minute and offers a range of new possibilities of exploitation. Join the Absurdist Incubator to discover the ethical pitfalls of the future by imagining the most profitable scenarios possible.


In this workshop we will be playing entrepreneurs with no regrets. While scientists plant artificial memories in sleeping mice, apps let you take selfies with dead relatives and hobby hackers create face swapping porn with open source machine learning algorithms, you can let your mind roam free with your fellow founders in search for the best return on investment. Who will be able to afford remembering their past just as perfect as an average Instagram account? Will the middle-class prefer fake vacations to real ones? Will all dreams come true, and if so, for whom? After fishing out our brightest ideas we will take a look at the possible ethical implications of our plans. This session is meant as a small participative excursion into a utopian future, where reality has become a problem just for the poor.


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