YOUR #rp18 – build your own re:publica with our apps


They’re here—our #rp18 apps. You can now download our program app and the amazing new re:al life “Greenscreen App” on your smartphone or tablet.


Build your very own #rp18!
We’ve come up with something super special for you this year: All throughout STATION, you’ll find green areas that serve as green screens and personalized projection areas.
Take a photo or video of a green area, use the re:al life app for Android or iOs to create a personalized background, and replace the green area with your image. And voila, you’ve built your very own #reallife photo or video. Selfie-satisfaction guaranteed!
We want to know what #rp18 looks like to you! We’d love for you to share your photos with us—just remember to include the #reallife hashtag.  
The Program Apps

Our Android and iOs apps deliver all information to your smartphone—quickly and beautifully.
From the community, for the community: Another big thank you to the programmers of our program app and long-time friends of re:publica.


re:publica - #rp18 is developed by Thomas 'toto' Kollbach. The app is available in German and English and is optimised for iPads as well. Particularly useful: it can link to your Apple Watch, so you can access all important information straight from your wrist. Offline available data ensures that you won't miss any talks due to (the occasional) flaky Wi-Fi. Favourites and special memories can be configured via iCloud. Videos and conference live-streams can also be viewed in the app..

re:publica 2018 is Heiko Wichmann's app. The app is a session planner and guide for re:publica 2018. It provides an overview of all speakers, their sessions, bios and social media contact details. The sessions can also be listed or viewed as an overall schedule. The favourites function allows you to create your own, personalised schedule and the floor plan of the entire STATION Berlin can also be viewed there. After syncing the data, the app can be used in complete offline mode.


re:publica - #rp18 is another Thomas 'toto' Kollbach developed app, which allows you to bring re:publica 2018 directly into your house and onto your TV. Sessions can be viewed via live-stream and video recordings – prerequisite is that you own a fourth generation Apple TV unit. Favourites and time codes are synced via iCloud with the iOS app. Searching for re:publica in the TV App Store brings up the tvOS app.

How to get it: Search in the TV App Store for "rp18" and the tvOS app will come up.


re:publica 2018 is developed by Hannes Küttner. The app provides you with a clear overview of all the sessions and speakers attending the conference. In this conference planner you can easily mark your favorites and start planning. You can receive notifications for all session in your personal schedule. It includes a calendar view, a map of the venue with the stages and all recent news of the re:publica 2017. The app features a beautiful design with selectable themes. Using it you can enjoy the conference and always be informed and organized – thanks to offline functionality the app works flawlessly even without internet.


The Webapp by Alexander Graesel (Conference Guide) offers a clear oversight of the session plan with various filters and modes. Along with the floor plan, the app displays information from Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.

The Webapp is optimised for the Google Chrome Browser, no download necessary.

rp18 Web-App by frontend developer Sandra Wiegard is an elegant alternative if you don't want to download an app including the data. Since the app is browser based, it can be started in every web browser. It lists all sessions in a timeline. Click on a title and it expands to its info; click on the heart-shaped icon on the left side to compile your favourite sessions as a planner and you can always return to it after a reload. It comes handy in case the network at STATION-Berlin should experience small difficulties...

rp18 Web-App: No download necessary, works on all systems and browsers.

Find more about our apps here.