TINCON at #rp18

The stand-alone teenageinternetwork convention - TINCON for short has been taking place as the “re:publica for the younger generation” since 2016. In 2017, the convention branched out from Berlin to Hamburg, which will both be hosting the event in 2018.
For rp18, TINCON will depart from its 13 to 21-year age bracket and open up to adult re:publica visitors. Four young speakers will be discussing various topics and enrich the program with their youthful perspectives.
One of these speakers is Jonathan Funke (20) whose tip-me project has been successfully realized: In co-operation with large and renowned (but as yet anonymous) corporations, Johnathan uses blockchain technology to create a fair global tipping system that ensures direct and transparent transfer to providers.
For two years, transgender teen Nathaniel (18) has been publicly documenting his transformation on his YouTube channel, JustNate. At #rp18, he will be spelling out his Gender ABC of the sexuality spectrum - still foreign to some but guaranteed to go mainstream in the near future.
Nora Wunderwald (20) has been running her own YouTube Channel since 2012. As most people of her generation, she grew up with internet role models, but she refuses to be reduced to beauty and fitness standards. Along with two friends, she founded TierInDir magazine in which she fearlessly discusses topics like menstruation or first sexual experiences. She picks her own role models and will prove to the audience that coming-of-age is possible not despite, but because of Social Media.
Charles Bahr is 15 years old. Annoyed by pseudo-youthful advertising and well aware of how (and where!) Generation Z can be reached, he founded his own influencer marketing agency tubeconnect media in 2016. Since then, he’s been giving talks, consulting companies, and developing authentic concepts for agencies, knowing full-well that advertising doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just please stop saying “FOMO” or “YOLO”. Better call Charles!
Salwa Houmsi will be moderating these TINCON sessions. As host of Radio Fritz’s (RBB) “Neu & Gut” show, she sniffs out cross-genre music that goes beyond the charts. Founding member of the funk-Snapchat Channel “hochkant” and the investigative Facebook format “Jäger & Sammler” by Frontal 21, she’s also active on-screen. Her expertize and passion for Hip Hop brought her to “splash! Mag” online magazine for which she interviews the latest and greatest of the German rap scene.
Introductions will be made by re:publica and TINCON founders Tanja and Johnny Haeusler. Both believe that, in the country with the oldest population in the EU, young people’s input can’t just be an empty gesture. That’s why TINCON e.V. works closely with younger age brackets. In their talk, they will be discussing their experiences since founding the initiative three years ago.