#rp18- Speaker Surya Mattu: Raiders of the Lost Data Ark

Surya Mattu is a data scientist who is well aware how to unlock the secrets of technologies. Currently, he is i.a. researching patents registered by (social) media platforms for developing new business models and the sometimes eerie results of interconnecting home appliances via the web.

At re:publica 18, Surya will take over stage 1 to offer us a glimpse of his thought process, artworks, as well as data sets of technologies that will be increasingly important within future work environments.

Last year, Mattu, along with ProPublica- journalist Julia Angwin and her investigative team, were nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for their impactful documentary series that has made the abstract world of algorithms more accessible
Algorithms are hidden all throughout our environment—from insurance premiums and job listings to predictive police work. Mattu is one of the few people who can translate their technological foundations into a language the general public can understand.

After studying engineering—including at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York’s Tisch School—he ventured into researching creative applications of communication technologies. He was a Data & Society fellow (re:publica and MCB keynote speaker danah boyd’s institute) and worked as an engineer at the infamous Bell Labs.
Currently, he is working as a data reporter within Gizmodo’s team for “Special Tasks”, as a Journalism Fellow with Eyebeam and has been cooperating with last year’s re:publica speaker Trevor Paglen as well as Wesley Goatley and Ingrid Burrington (both on our dream-speaker-list!) on artistic projects -some of you might also remember the great Unfit Bits he presented at rp together with Tega Brain. Mattu’s works have recently been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and Bitforms Gallery. For a closer look, click here: http://samatt.github.io.

Twitter: @suryamattu (https://twitter.com/suryamattu)

Website: www.suryamattu.com


Science Year 2018 – “Working Worlds of the Future”

The Science Year 2018 focuses on the “Working World of the Future”. Digitalization, alternative ways of working, artificial intelligence research and similar fields present new challenges and opportunities to scientific and civil societies. How will people work in future? And how do you prepare for these scenarios? What role can science and research play in designing the terms of labor? The Science Year 2018 highlights the impact technological and social innovations have on the economy of tomorrow, and discusses the new standards of socio-political dialogue and work experience that we face today. “Learn, experience, create” is the motto of the Science Year 2018, and all interested participants are called upon to join in, ask questions and find solutions. The Science Year is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF, organized in collaboration with Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD). As a central instrument of federal science communication, the Science Year conveys current research to the public and fosters the dialogue between science and society. 

Wissenschaftsjahr 2018 - BMBF