re:view - re:health: Health in times of the network


Photo Credit: Gregor Fischer / CC BY-SA 2.0

Our confernece topic re:health forms perspectives on health issus. The talks, disscussions and workshops shade ligth on how digitalisation influences our behavior and the consequences for mind and body.

Since 2009 re:health is a fixed topic focus of the event. This year raised the question if our society is morally prepared for technical solutions. We know Robots and Cyborgs from Cyberpunk Dystopia but what actual perspecitves do emerge out of Robots first steps in healthcare? What do we see as sick or healthy? And dose our strive of perfection not eliminate cultural diversity that emerg out of our limitations.

One of the highlights in the #rp18 re:health topic was Enno Park's lecture. He made us think and shows us how colourful grayscales can be in the everyday life of a deaf person.

Patient data contain the most intimate details of a person's life and are therefore interesting not only for research but also for identifying needs. Data protection should therefore play a particularly important role in health care. Jelena Milosevic and Brigitte Strahwald are sounding the alarm, but they have shown us how carelessly these data are handled.

In addition to the numerous visitors, several robots also mingled with the crowd. They were always sympathetic, but do we trust them to look after our loved ones in the nursing homes? In an exciting debate, experts from industry and research commented on this topic.

We remain curious whether there will be further progress in this area and look forward to next year!