Peggy Sylopp
UX Designer

about me

I am a computer scientist as well as an audiovisual artist with a Master’s degree in public policy and eleven years of experience as a speaker and teacher. In my work, I combine UX engineering, deep tech, communication expertise and artistic creativity.

I primarily work independently, initiating projects and raising funds for them with a focus on solving social and individual problems, often on an open source basis. I occasionally join institutions that hire me for the duration of a project.

Over the last few years, I have led a scientific project on participatory health research in which users tested individualized hearing aids in everyday situations.

In this context, I invented a process for individualized hearing amplification based on the sound adaptation behavior of users as well as on artificial intelligence. 

My vision is to make technology more accessible, especially for disadvantaged people, such as older people, disabled people, girls, newcomers and young people with low levels of education.

I know there are still many problems that need to be solved. Technology can make a big difference in helping to do so if it is used in a specific, needs-based manner.