Miguel Chaves

Miguel Chaves is falling love for ways to bring the idea that tech creative capacity building don’t belong just to the big / traditional institutions,but also can be incorporated to the mindset of the whole society since the childhood.He is a mechatronic engineer by one of the best universities in Latin America (USP), master in innovation by the aerospace university ITA and member of the GIG.Six years ago,he founded Caos Focado,a sort of venture builder focused to create impact through technology.At Caos Focado,he was responsible to help different teams: build a platform to grade schools exams, today with more than 3.5 millions grades (www.podd.com.br); create a one year ‘go to market’ program for final projects of undergraduate students from more than 20 universities around Brazil (http://awc.institutotim.org.br),create a innovation curriculum based in the maker movement, design skills and entrepreneurship mindset that today has been provided in more (and keep growing) than 10 elementary schools in Brazil (http://www.naveavela.com.br/).Currently,he is responsible for the IDIN Innovation Center,a maker space inside of the Vila Nova Esperança favela in São Paulo (tiny.cc/civneacontece).IDIN (www.idin.org) is a NGO that was born at D-Lab/MIT which Miguel has been connected in the last 10 years.