Peter Harris
Founder + CEO

As a web developer since the 90's (when page load times were counted in minutes, not seconds) Peter has built hundreds of websites across dozens of industries. From 1999 to 2004 he worked as Art Director for a web production firm in Los Angeles, working with numerous musicians from platinum-selling superstars to mid-level bands and struggling artists. As the Napster crisis unfolded in the early 2000's, the hot topic on everyone's lips was how the Internet would eventually liberate artists… a question still being asked today in light of the controversy around streaming royalty payments. Simultaneous to his day job as web developer, Peter also experimented as a DJ and electronica producer, exploring virtually every web and music publishing platform available. Always finding them all lacking in one way or another, this became an obsessive quest to discover “what’s next” for music in a digital age. The combination of web development and music production backgrounds eventually led to Resonate, a new streaming music platform that is cooperatively owned by all its members… musicians, fans, indie labels and the workers that build it.