Sonja Rattay
UX Lead & Co-Founder

I am a Berlin-born multi disciplinary designer, currently based in Malmö. I co-founded the strategic design studio Block Zero and am currently leading the Design & UX efforts of our team. Together with our clients we work towards creating experiences which bring humans and technology closer. Projects I have worked on range from creating immersive fashion technology exploring the perceptual senses of the human body to UX for embodied interaction and creating machines with personality. I talk about my work at conferences and give workshops on topics such as empathic design, futuristic interfaces and cyborgism. I have presented my work at events such as Nordic Panorama and The Digital UI (Malmö, Sweden), Dare Festival (Antwerp, Belgium) and Fashion Tech at Berlin Fashion Week and TOA Festival (Berlin, Germany).

When I am not working or traveling, I am learning about the human brain and tinker with new technologies such as implants, VR and robots.