Marcus John Henry Brown
Performing Artist

Marcus John Henry Brown is a performing artist based in Munich. Born the son of lorry driving Scotsman, Marcus moved to Germany in 1993 having studied Art & Social context at Dartington College of Arts. He has over 24 years of professional communications experience and spends his time answering questions for big brands, consultancies, agencies as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

He founded MJHB Office for Creative Intelligence in 2014 and in 2015. He is best known for  The Passing, a critically acclaimed performance that is part of the Black Operative Department series. The department is a fictional clandestine innovation agency created by Marcus to imagine darker futures in fictional worst-case scenarios, and start sketching more accurate futures of things.

The series includes The Snowdon Pitch (2014), Purpose of Entry (2015), The Parallel (2015), Love, The Machine, and The Ghost (2017), The Passing (2017), The Sensorium Process (2018) and FLEX which will premiere at re:publica19.