Viktoria Trosien

Viktoria Trosien is an innovation strategist and serial entrepreneur. She co-founded IFAI e.V. to leverage the potentials of art meeting innovation to push forward social impact and change.
Art has the power to reach people emotionally, setting a base for creative dialogue and playful ideation processes, while entrepreneurship enables success on the long run.
By exploring new collaboration models between art, science, technology and business together with the public - a strong network of innovators and change-leading solutions will be created.


Exhibition Programme

  • Stand: newthinking

    Women Who Code x newthinking: The Universal Sea - pure or plastic?!

    The amounts of plastic in the oceans grow dramatically. Micro-plastic found its way into our food chain. No matter if it is bottled water or tap water, ocean or river - plastic is everywhere. The Universal Sea - Pure or Plastic?! pushes forward solutions that fight the plastic epidemic in the waters. Therefore, we explore new collaboration models between art, science, technology, and business, together with the public - building a strong network of innovators and change-leaders.

    250 artists from 38 countries sent us their perspectives, now it's time to get everyone involved. How can we reduce plastic consumption, which replacement materials can work for the masses, how can plastic be re-used on large scale? It is about leveraging technological opportunities to create solutions that reach at least 1M people. See the artworks and learn about inspiring success stories.  What is it what you do to fight the plastic epidemic?

    Viktoria Trosien