Charlie Kritschmar

Charlie works on the intersection of programming and design. Programmer by education, just finished her bacherlor’s degree she is now working as a UX designer at Wikimedia Germany. Interested in all things HCI, design and open source.  Also cats.


Exhibition Programme

  • Stand: newthinking

    FOSS Backstage x newthinking: Inclusion & Diversity in Open Source Projects

    Diversity & inclusion is very important especially for free & open source community, because people in tech nowadays are hired to a big part because of their open source contributions. To improve the balance there, the free & open source software community is an important starting point.

    We are building to collect the projects and resources in this field. It is aimed at maintainers and contributors of open source projects who want to improve, as well as people from underrepresented groups who are interested in free & open source software but don’t know where to start.

    Charlie Kritschmar; Jan-Christoph Borchardt