Lilli Baaske
Frontend Developer

Lilli is a UI designer and front-end developer. She has a Master in Grafic-Design and worked for several years as Artdirector UI in webagencies. She recently undergone a transition from UI/UX to Development and is passionate to share her journey.

Exhibition Programme

  • Stand: newthinking

    Women Who Code x newthinking: My journey from UI/UX to development

    Coding has always fascinated me but it wasn’t easy to get a foot into the coding world from the outside. After attending a coding school, going to Dev Meetups for more than a year and graduating from WTM Javascript Crash Course last Nov/Dec I got my first job as a Front-end-Developer this March. I will talk about this journey and how the Dev Meetups, especially WTM helped me to built an enormously motivating and supportive developers network which helped me, being the mother of 3 young kids as well, getting ready for a job in development.

    Lilli Baaske