Tey Al-Rjula
CEO and Founder

Toufic "Tey" al-Rjula is the founder and CEO of Tykn, a startup building digital identity management tools for governments and NGOs. Tey initiated Tykn in reaction to his time spent in a Syrian refugee camp in The Netherlands where he discovered that he was, in fact, an "invisible man" when applying for asylum. On his Dutch driver's licence, you will not find that he was born in a city such as "London", "Berlin", or "Amsterdam". Instead, he is declared as being “Unknown”. This is because Tey was born in Kuwait, during the gulf war, when the birth registries were destroyed en masse. As such, he does not have a birth certificate, and even if copies were to exist, neither he, nor the issuing authority could possibly verify it. The pains endured by Tey in the refugee camp, and the pains shared with him by the thousands of refugees ultimately inspired him to found Tykn, in order to relieve the world of the problems inflicted by paper-based vital record systems.