Karim Ben Khelifa

Karim Ben Khelifa is an award winning director and conflict photographer who has freelanced regularly for Time, Vanity Fair, Le Monde, Stern, The New York Times Magazine. He is the creator of the breakthrough VR installation “The Enemy” which premiered in Paris in 2017 and has since been presented in Israel, the US and Canada.

Karim is widely known for his coverage of the Middle East conflicts, especially the Iraq and Afghan wars, where he covered the insurgent sides. He has worked in more than 80 countries and territories and has had exhibition on four continents. He has been based in Tunis, Paris, Sanaa, New York City and Boston. He lives in Berlin with his wife and two kids.

He was invited in 2012 as an Harvard fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism. In 2013 and 2014 he was an Artist-in-Residence at the Open Documentary Lab at MIT. From 2015 to 2017, he was the Visiting Artist at the Center for Art, Science and Technology.