Manuel Badel
Manuel Badel - Badel Media

Since 2014, Manuel Badel has worked with a variety of organizations on the design, financing and marketing of digital media projects. Built for 20 years, his deep industry knowledge is complemented by a broad professional network in North America and Europe.  Manuel Badel previously served as Senior Advisor and Manager at Telefilm Canada, both for production funding, including as Deputy Director for the Canada Media Fund, and for supporting industry initiatives and festivals in film, television and digital media. This path is supplemented by management positions at the Quebec Association of Media Producers (AQPM), Xn Québec (digital media producers), and at SODEC for corporate financing and tax credit in film-television-VR/AR-VFX/Animation. Manuel Badel draws on a solid background in management, finance, marketing and e-commerce from École des HEC Montréal (B.B.A. and Graduate Diploma) and McGill University (project management). He completes his range of services with expertise in blockchain technologies (CIO Certified Blockchain Professional) to integrate innovative approaches to creative sectors. His present projects and researches focuses on blockchain applied to the media industry.