Sarah Cosentino

Sarah is a hands-on engineer and academic researcher. She started working as a freelance collaborator in an Electronics company during high-school, until earning her M.Sc. in Electronic engineering. Straight after her graduation she moved to Japan for a prestigious 1-year industrial internship program, which was extended to a full employee contract by the company for another 2 years. After 3 years in Japan, working for challenging projects in Electronics R&D, she decided it was time to change, applied and was selected for a scholarship program, and enrolled in a Ph.D. course in one of the top Japanese Universities. During her studies she collaborated with several other researchers across the globe, spending months in leading universities in U.S. and Europe. Her main interests are human physiology, human sensing, human communication, affective computing and human-machine interaction. She has hands-on experience in electronic design and assembly, and a wide researching experience in developing sensor systems for applications mostly related to human sensing, and human-robot interaction, authoring several publications on her specific work.