Philipp Wenning
VR Director

Philipp Wenning (*85), Berlin Germany

Having a background in traditional filmmaking and work experience of 15+ years in the field of cinema and TV directing and editing, Philipp wrote, directed and edited his first immersive narrative 180° film “The Imagonaut” (running time: 45 min) which had its world premiere during the 2014 Berlinale.

Together with Christian Möller and Sönke Kirchhof he co-founded the award-winning INVR.SPACE GmbH, a full service production studio for VR and 360° immersive content and technology research. Since then he has developed, shot and postproduced an uncountable number of 360° Films and continues his path to create immersive stories and experiences. At INVR.SPACE he is responsible for developing and directing narrative concepts for Virtual Reality and creative postproduction workflows.