Rajesh Laghari

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Rajesh Laghari studied sociology at South Asian University in New Dehli, where he researched the effects of biopiracy on the social fabric of local collectivities. After years campaigning as part of an anti-copyright group and several successes invalidating patents on heirloom vegetal varieties, he became interested in the alternative economies of rural and urban India. He joined the Institute for Economic Growth and ran several social experiments with untouchable communities in Andhra Pradesh, substituting grain-based currencies to paper money. After a few years working as a freelance financial advisor in Amsterdam, he moved to Sao Paulo where he is now head of research of IBRE Social Economy program. His most recent contribution is the development of the Mexicoin, a cryptocurrency dedicated to granting universal income to volunteers of CDRMX—the Mexico City relocation project led in partnership with LabCDMX and N O R M A L S.