Adriana Groh

Adriana Groh is interested in the intersections of technology, policy and society. As the Director of the Prototype Fund she supports innovative public interest tech projects, funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, and leads Code for Germany, a network with labs in 26 cities and more than 800 volunteers who work for Open Government. Previously, she founded the initiative Wepublic and launched a messenger app between citizens and politicians for the German federal election and co-initiated the #WeVsVirus hackathon to find solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Exhibition Programme

  • Stand: newthinking

    The Prototype Fund x newthinking: How to foster grass-roots innovation in tech.

    As funders, we aim at supporting innovative, crazy, nerdy and dearlyneeded tech projects. This gave us a deep insight and understanding intowhat the tech ecosystem in Germany needs in order to thrive. We will talk about our work at Prototype Fund and about what holds tech projects back, which factors make them successful, and why sometimes less is more.

    Elisa Lindinger; Adriana Groh