Régis Lemberthe

French situation designer Régis Lemberthe works at the border between speculation and production, simulating future rituals and artefacts through performing arts – with REPLICA Institute for Creative Anticipation – and design fiction – with N O R M A L S. Always collaborations with like-minded professionals, his projects make use of imaginary situations to explore behaviours, gather insight and prototype an original vision of selected futures between utopia and dystopia. 

Other activities include teaching classes entitled 'Anticipation Design' and 'Design for Social Good' at BTK Berlin, as well as running workshops worldwide with the Future Fishing Training Program – a design fiction course dedicated to accompany organisation public and private towards developing strategies informed by explorations of the future, which last session took place in Mexico City at the invitation of the city council.

He is also active curating monthly arts events with a focus on sound experiments, and manages an artist atelier in Kreuzberg.