Felix Meyer-Christian
Artist / Director

Felix Meyer-Christian works as an artist and director with the Berlin and Hamburg based Costa Compagnie in the field of documentary based performance, dance and film, in solo works in the visual arts, as well as a director in text-based theater. He often engages in on-site-research in political contexts outside of Europe, such as Iraq, Fukushima/Japan, Afghanistan, the USA, Israel, Russia, Norway and Lebanon. He completed degrees in Geography and International Law in Berlin and Lisbon, as well as Theater Directing in Hamburg. His latest works combine documentary, choreographic and performative methods with an essayistic narrative and a focus on global transformational processes. They were presented among others at the Impulse Festival 2016, the Koerber Studio Junge Regie 2012, the Goethe Institute New York and at various venues in Germany, Russia, Israel, Austria and the USA. Part of Felix' filming has been conducted with drones and 360°-cameras and assembled in immersive media performances. Thus he is also working with documentary content in virtual reality and also creates pieces with Artificial Intelligence as a performer.