Matthias Strobel
Founder & President
Matthias Strobel / Music Technology Catalyst

Matthias Strobel is a serial entrepreneur and innovator who bridges the worlds of music and technology. His first serious contact with music happened already in his early childhood days when he started to take piano lessons at the age of five. With eight years, he joined the Regensburger Domspatzen, the worl’s most famous boys choir. From then on music stayed as important part of his life. In 2012, after he successfully finished his studies in Business Communication at HTW Berlin, he co-founded the meanwhile international recognized and multiple awarded music-tech startup Nagual Sounds which developed a world-wide unique technology that allows to transform data streams into tonal musical structures in real-time. The first application Nagual Dance translates body movement into music and turns the human body into a living orchestra. In summer 2015 he left the operative business of Nagual Sounds and founded the refugee help initiative Friedrichshain Hilft e.V.. The work there unexpectedly brought him the full-time job of a managing director of a refugee camp, which he established until March 2016. His passion for music and the great possibilities of new technologies led him to join Music Tech Fest in spring 2016, for which he worked since then. In September of last year, Matthias Strobel founded the Social Startup ZwischenWerk and started, together with other smart minds, the project Creative Coding School to teach socially disadvantaged people skills in emerging technologies, such as robotics and IoT. In addition to these activities, he worked as a freelance consultant for start-ups in the creative industry, is a music producer and DJ and curated interdisciplinary art and music projects. He has just founded the world’s first association for Music Technology and a syndicate to amplifiy the number of women in the creative tech world, with a focus on the music-tech space, for now.