Adriana Groh
Program Manager

Adriana Groh studied political science, sociology, and public policy and governance in Frankfurt am Main and Maastricht. In her studies, she took a particular interest in questions such as: How does our society work and how does it work even better? What makes good democratic processes? And above all, how can we turn this into reality with the help of digital tools? After writing her thesis on questions of political participation, Adriana understood that political communication and participation have to get easier, faster, more accessible - and more digital. An idea was born and since 2016 she has applied her academic knowledge to the development of the project "wepublic". It has since then developed from an idea into a dynamic startup, with the launch of the app "+me" as a pilot project for the German general election in 2017. Currently, Adriana is focused on reaching a new objective for wepublic: creating better digital tools for citizens and politicians to communicate and cooperate in-between elections.


  • Stand: newthinking

    The Prototype Fund x newthinking: How to foster grass-roots innovation in tech.

    As funders, we aim at supporting innovative, crazy, nerdy and dearlyneeded tech projects. This gave us a deep insight and understanding intowhat the tech ecosystem in Germany needs in order to thrive. We will talk about our work at Prototype Fund and about what holds tech projects back, which factors make them successful, and why sometimes less is more.

    Elisa Lindinger; Adriana Groh