Meet Up 1
18:30 - 19:30
Tech for Good
Young Minds Shine Bright - Global Digital Changemaker Meetup


What happens if you give digital changemakers from Africa, Europe and other parts of the world a chance to exchange and collaborate on equal terms? Let’s join the African-European YouthLab and explore together how young people around the world can advocate for stronger, impactful and context-specific youth involvement. You have ideas, we have ideas, let’s meet up and “re:shape” the digital transformation by discussing how local initiatives and like-minded people can connect better in the digital age.


We believe that the youth should urgently be included when it comes to designing solutions for our future. That is why, we, the African-European YouthLab, invite you to a co-creation session to connect with other changemakers from around the world.  Our contribution here is to present you two local youth initiatives from Kenya and Nigeria and how the African-European YouthLab can be one answer to the question of how changemakers from different parts in the world can act locally, but network globally. 

For this, Isaac will introduce his social startup which seeks to design solutions to one of the major challenges in Kenya: youth employment. He runs Solve4work; a platform that enables learners to gain real work experience, learn 21st-century skills and connect with potential employers in a bid to create a viable transition from school to the workplace.

Also, Mimshach, a social entrepreneur from Nigeria will join, who is super passionate about youth economic empowerment as a way to end poverty and to help young people build a future. He runs Ventures Platform Foundation a non-profit that aims to create inclusive and sustainable wealth in Africa, by building and supporting entrepreneurs and innovators who leverage technology to solve Africa’s most urgent problems.

However, this is not where we want to stop. In our interactive meet-up, we want to debate what the digital youth can initiate to disrupt current digital North-South collaboration and shape digital innovation exchange globally aiming for more inclusiveness and participation. Expect to hear stories from different continents, discuss hard questions and engage in a frank discussion about how more young people can participate in the global debate on the digital transformation. As a collective, the African - European YouthLab wants to use this chance to make the voices of the youth heard and to extend our networks of digital changemakers.

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