Xtra - rp18 Rahmenprogramm
10:00 - 20:00
Video installation: i can be everything


Can we convert ourselves?
Loosen up the borders
That were pushed upon us
Shift into something new
Change to the unreal
Making the unphysical
Delete our body memory
Annulate our genes
Reverse our gender
Can we convert ourselves?
Be everything and nothing at once
Be more then nature has gifted us with
Or is this evolution?



Our online presence and virtual selves clash almost every day and at every time with real-life experiences and physical interactions.

This combination, this pairing of the real, augmented reality and virtual reality may lead society into a malfunction.
A glitch is the unexpected result of a malfunction.
I actually don’t like to use the word malfunction because it classifies the glitch to be based off something bad or negative.
Let’s call it the unexpected result of random actions and happenings.

With „I can be everything“ I want to ask what impact this so said glitch will have on us people. And what does it look like?
I furthermore state that the glitch is most likely already happening.
We are heading into the unknown and only a few of us are aware of that.
We create avatars and online representations of ourselves but we are not caring about the outcome or influences this may have. We are not investigating possible consequences.
Maybe we are just too excited.

And luckily there is another side to it. I think of the glitch also as a form of escape.
An exit, a gate.
It creates a void in which there is the possibility to add more to our beings and to evolve.
I see it as a social phenomenon to help us free ourselves and minds from societies norms and expectations. It contributes to our liberation and I by now even dare to say it also is part of our evolution.
Not knowing yet if there is a price to pay.

It gives people the freedom to become everything and nothing at once.