Makerspace outdoor
14:45 - 15:45
Fe:male Digital Footprint
She*fix! - A feminist youtube channel for tech tutorials (1)


Time to act and create more Fe:male Digital Footprints. By creating online tutorials that explain technologies or how to fix stuff from a feminist perspective we want to counteract existing macho culture in technology presentation.

Today is the official kick-off for the she*fix youtube channel project. The whole day we will be in or near the FabMobile and are ready and happy to discuss she*fix with you and support you in making a she*fix tutorial. In the workshop, we will present our idea and approach and show our meta-tutorial - the tutorial about making a tutorial. We invite participant to join the movement!


We have an engineering and design background and work in environmental and technical research and education projects. As practitioners we also learn from/with online tutorials. We observed that too often white cis-men “explain” technologies, gadgets or processes. We believe that more visibility of women* - and of course, other under-represented social groups - in online tech tutorials will make technology feel more widely accessible and less intimidating for everybody. At re:publica we want to create first content for the she* fix project.

We plan a 3-day creative marathon workshop as an intense time of continuous focused work in the FabMobil Berlin, located in the makerspace. We invite people to join us for the creative periods. You can participate for the whole process, one day, or a single hour. No specific technical skills are required. Nonetheless, we are happy about participants with experiences in film making or knowledge about specific tech skills or content to present in a video. We especially invite women* and non-binary people to participate, but our techathon is open for all-gender feminists. (The * represents all that do not fit into the socially and culturally influenced norms of gender, gender identity and/or sexual orientation.) To assure an inviting collaboration process, we want to make decisions by consensus and create a space where all questions can be asked and no individual dominates the work.

Once a day, we invite people for a meet-up, where we shortly present the idea of she*fix, share impressions of the workflow and progress during creative periods, and also recap the process. On the last day, Friday 4 May 2018, we also screen some of the produced videos.