Xtra - rp18 Rahmenprogramm
10:00 - 20:00
Out of this bubble - out of this World


Mi and Mo have been sent by the intergalactic federation to search for changemakers on planet earth. With their newest technology they will put you to the test - do you have it in you to be the change you would like to see in the world?


Traveling for over 300 light years, Mi and Mo have arrived on earth to search for intergalactic changemakers. Re:publica is their first stop, where they will seek to identify promising earthlings with their Bi-Flux Multi Tensor POP Traction Device - for earthlings only visible as a big yellow question mark. To qualify as intergalactic changemaker, you will have to face a set of extraterrestrial quests, challenging you to break out of your mind bubble. Use your unique human talents and discover the secrets hidden in the High Frequency Vision Adapter - or Virtual Reality glasses, as earthlings would say.

The intergalactic heroes who do manage to pass these quests will receive a mighty present, their own Intergalactic Communication Device -  a truly unique gift to instantly connect with any other changemaker throughout the galaxy.