Xtra - rp18 Rahmenprogramm
10:00 - 20:00
Installation: AI Oracle


In the year 2018 human race is standing at a crossroads. When it comes to the implementation of technology, automation and Artificial Intelligence in almost every areas of our everyday life, we need to decide how is our future supposed to look like. How will the future of jobs be?



Whenever our human race did not know where to go, even in ancient history, we would consider asking an Oracle. If the technology is so intelligent as its name claims, why shouldn’t we ask the Artificial Intelligence itself?

We are building an AI oracle, to tell us how future jobs will look like. As an art collective we assume that in 2081 AI will have overtaken all kinds of roles in decision-making in society, even when it comes to future job prospects. In the same way humans use animals for production and farming, AI will use humans for data production, farming and sustaining.

AI Oracle/ 2081 is an interactive immersive art experience. The visitor engages with the artwork, by entering an almost transparent cube that reminds of a butcher‘s slaughterhouse that is floating half a meter above the ground. The visitors will have to pick a number and wait for their turn, as we are used to do at the butcher when we buy meat.

AI Oracle/ 2081 is going to propose future jobs, by scanning the visitors with LED Laser lights and considering all of their collected data (obviously this scanning and data collecting process is fake and is just meant metaphorically).

With our dystopian immersive artwork we want to confront the visitor with the possible discriminations that machines can make. Algorithmic bias is already happening in the racially biased US justice system and when it comes to face recognition techniques, and is likely to happen in hiring processes very soon.

Humans are the ones that design technology and have the power. But rather than turning away and not dealing with the idea of invading robots, we want the visitors to gain awareness about their possibilities and take part in the debate around it.