Makerspace indoor
12:15 - 13:15
Hardware for Health & Wellbeing: Introducing Careables


There are so many niche needs related to health & wellbeing which cannot be filled by established commercial solutions. That applies to the global north and even more to the global south. However, digital fabrication and ICTs combined allow for co-developing open source (connected) hardware solutions that are designed for production in makerspaces to fill this gap.


This is the kick-off for a series of meetups that aim to bring people with special needs, makers, designers and other experts together for creating open source solutions in the broad field of health & wellbeing. As part of re:publica's makerspace activities, we would like to ideate and prototype related (connected) hardware products with you that can be replicated and improved in every well equipped makerspace in the world. We will use simple prototyping techniques only. Maker skills and/or experience with special health & wellbeing needs will be particularly helpful, yet everybody who wants to contribute is most welcome. The results will contribute to a global network that we are currently building with partner organizations and hopefully you on