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GIG Labmobile


The Global Innovation Gathering's Labmobile is a mobile space for learning, hacking, making, and most of all for knowledge exchange and community building. The main goal is to have a vehicle to bring people together who would otherwise never have met. We want to share stories and our learning that connections made through co-creation are deep, impactful and lasting: We are what we create together!


In late 2016, GIG board member Victoria Wenzelmann bought an old, big, blue truck that its previous owner had turned into a campervan. Slowly but surely, she tranformed it into a mobile home and workshop – complete with bedroom, kitchen, desk, workbench, and of course a Kanban Board. Big Blue had its public debut as a Labmobile and as part of the GIG Makerspace at re:publica 2017. With its unique combination of maker and vanlife spirit, usefulness and rustic beauty, it added to the LOVE OUT LOUD spirit of the event. Children of all ages played in and around Big Blue, ideas for future projects were discussed, it was used as a maker workshop, people put pins into the maps for where a labmobile should go... It was overwhelming and beautiful!

The Labmobile then went to Thessaloniki, where it was used as a space for maker workshops with refugees by GIG member organisation Communitere - and as the Makerspace at rpTHE. We are super happy to continue this tradition and join our friends rom CADUS and the Fabmobil at the GIG Makerspace at re:publica 2018, share stories, and develop new ideas for journeys to connect movements!