16:30 - 18:00
Build your future with LEGO


This is a very creative and hands on workshop for those that want to facilitate change and have a plan on how to improve their work and strategic thinking. 


The year is 2018 and things are ever-changing. Our work-life seems to be changing much faster than in the past. The way we work, communicate and collaborate is greatly affected by technology and other circumstances that make us rethink the way we do our everyday work. This is a workshop that aims to teach you how to think about your future in such a fast paced environment.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY will help us visualise our ideas and understand abstract concepts like strategy better. Another great thing that LEGO does is provide us with a safe space where people feel can play around and create without the anxiety of performance.

Suggested number of attendees is maximum 20. Attendees will be split in teams of five where they will share their ideas with each other and help them improve them.