Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
Makerspace Specialist
Rodrigo Pitanga's portrait

Rodrigo is a programmer, teacher and computer engineer. He is the co-creator of Metamáquina, the first 3D printer manufactured comercially in Brazil, and a co-founder of Garoa Hacker Clube, the country's first hackerspace.

Rodrigo's 10-year involvement with the Free Software Movement ranges from organizing with his then undergrad peers into PoliGNU, a student-run free software research group to contributing code and community management efforts to the GNU Project, Google Summer of Code and the RepRap Project. His recent work involves bootstrapping projects at tech oriented spaces and designing workshops on electronics and digital fabrication for all audiences.

He is currently the Makerspace Specialist at Escola Eleva, a bilingual day school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.