Inga Marie Ramcke

Inga Marie was born in Hamburg 1980. For the love of education and the world she studied economics (and a bit of sociology) in Hamburg, Québec, Rotterdam and Winchester. She loves to entertain and educate at the same time. After her work as a head of studies and lecturer at a private university she decided to concentrate more on her favourite audience: children. Since 2011 she is working with children on a variety of topics within the domain of education for sustainable development. To have the most of fun she is using handpuppets as experts to inform and discuss with. Last year she started working with two other scientist on the project "Plötzlich Wissen!" that brings science communication directly to the streets and pubs of Germany. Within the project she works with her Dugong puppet to speak (mostly) with adults about the science of seas and oceans. When she is not working with puppets, she writes science based childrens books. Her first one is called "Reiseführer für Tiere" and her second one is about to be sold. She is doing a PhD at the Europa-Universität Flensburg on the topic of storytelling with handpuppets in education for sustainable development. To see more of her projects you can visit her page