Martín Restrepo
Co-founder and EdTech Director

Social innovator and specialist in learning experiences design. Cofounder of Editacuja Transmedia & Appiario, develops programs and projects to empower people, governments and companies with exponential technologies for educational, cultural and social initiatives. Appiario is an open content innovation Lab, who connect narratives, technologies and real world to create solutions in context with communities, schools and collectives, using a transmediale approach to understand real problems as narratives, and create solutions as a system using exponential technologies. The project borns as a Digital Storytelling Lab, from the founders company, Editacuja Transmedia, a Latin American publisher, specialized in learning experiences design.  Their projects was recognized by the MIT Innovators Under 35 Award in Brazil in 2014, Global EdTech Awards - most promising EdTech startups in 2015,  and IADB Graduate XXI report, as top educational innovations in Latin America in 2016. by ProXXIma - Meio e Mensagem group as one of top 50 disruptive innovators in the Brazilian market, the Special Award of InnovaApps+ with Google and BBVA for their efforts in Open Innovation and Included with Appiario by Semana Publishers in the 100 ideas changing the world in Education.