Tawanda Mthintwa Hove
Tawanda Hove of Welthungerhilfe Zimbabwe

Tawanda Mthintwa Hove is an Agribusiness, Food Security and ICT for Development (ICT4D) expert currently working for Welthungerhilfe in Zimbabwe. He is currently serving as the Head of ICT Communications where he is focussing on the digitalising the Agriculture extension and agribusiness ecosystems within smallholder communities in Zimbabwe.

He studied Marketing majoring in Agribusiness at the National University of Science and Technology, did a post graduate focussing on ICT for Business (ICT4B) with the University of Winsconsin In the United States and finally a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture Majoring in Digital Technologies with the University of Free State in South Africa. He has previously worked for Windmill Private Limited and its Export Subsidiary Windmill Manufacturing Zambia based in Lusaka.

He is a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow and a first runner up of the Global Hunger Innovation Challenge which was hosted in New Dehli in July 2017. He has written over 60 Agricultural blogs which are freely available on line.

The major innovation projects he is currently working include the Kurima Mari app a smartphone based innovation targeted towards helping the farmer make money through farming courtesy of better marketing linkages and practises. Secondly, the Agrishare platform which is a mobile platform which connects farmers without production implements to hired farming implements. The innovation won an award at the World Food Programme (WFP) innovation accelerator in Munich in November 2017.