Johnny Haeusler
Johnny Haeusler

Born in Berlin in 1964, Johnny Haeusler worked as a radio DJ, sang with post-punkrock band Plan B (which started playing again occasionally in 2012) and founded the award-winning weblog "Spreeblick" in 2002. He also ran a web design agency and Germany's first blog ad network. Since 2006, he's one of the four founders of re:publica.

In November 2012, Johnny released an internet guide for parents called "Netzgemüse" (the book, not the parents), which he co-wrote with his wife Tanja. From 2012 to 2017, he was back in your radio again, hosting the weekly talkshow FluxFM Spreeblick. All episodes can still be heard here:

In 2015, Tanja and Johnny started the idea of TINCON, a conference not unlike re:publica, but for teenagers only. Read more about it here:

Johnny is the father of two boys.

He is rarely bored.

His highly recommended book of short stories, "I live by the river!", is still available. Unlike this text here, it is written in German.